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Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj

History and Culture

Panorama of the Region is adorned with historical monuments, churches and well-preserved complexes of burgher and folk architecture. There are plenty of mansions, castles and ruins, emphasizing antique history of the Region. That is why the Trenčín Region is usually called “The Region of Castles and Legends”. The most famous castles are the Trenčín Castle, the Beckov Castle, the Čachtice Castle and Bojnice Castle which is also the most visited romantic castle in Slovakia. Protection of this cultural heritage and other precious collections and documents is ensured by network of 32 museums, which are very popular among foreign visitors.

mapa kraja

The town of Trenčín, one of the oldest cities in Slovakia, is the seat of the Office of the Self-Governing Region of Trenčín. The charm of this town consists in unique, partially preserved fortification that creates collection of medieval town architecture on the central square, baroque church of St. Francis Xaverius and Parish church of the Birth of Virgin Mary.